Startup & Slay

Thank you! How She Hustles is extending our gratitude to you for joining our 2nd annual Startup & Slay series, presented online during October’s Small Business Month. Each Wednesday, we interviewed two inspiring entrepreneurs from different parts of Canada for a live streamed event during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Watch the replay videos below. Plus, read exclusive articles with business insights from these startups, see sponsor offers below and join our community on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. For more info on Startup & Slay, click here.

Series highlights:

From our sponsor & partners:

How She Hustles is also working with our Startup & Slay sponsors and partners to help support diverse entrepreneurs through the following hands-on initiatives:

Media highlights:

Series by the numbers:

• 800+ online RSVPs for #startupandslay events
• 209 small businesses applied to be featured in our series
• 53 media stories & digital listings
• 25 people on our freelance creative team
• 8 inspiring speakers joined us for #SmallBusiness Month
• 7 provinces were represented by our series applicants
• 4 live shows & 4 exclusive articles with business insights
• 3 amazing sponsors
• 2nd year of doing this digital series
• 1 experience for the history books!

Meet our team and allies through dedicated pages to acknowledge the Startup & Slay team and our selection committee.