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HERstory in Black is a Toronto-based digital photo series featuring 150 inspiring black women that I created through my diverse women’s network, How She Hustles. It took a small village of passionate, talented women who poured their time, creativity and love into this project to make it happen. And of course, women willing to share their stories!

After the project began, I pitched the project to CBC, where I also work in communications. Thanks to the enthusiastic support of our national public broadcaster, HERstory in Black received national TV, radio and digital media coverage throughout Black History Month in February and the women who participated will continue to be integrated into CBC’s Canada 2017 plans for the 150th anniversary of our nation.

HERstory_17_SheDoesTheCity.jpgHow She Hustles and CBC also partnered on a soul-shifting HERstory in Black event attended by 400 guests – this magical night was hosted by Amanda Parris, with performances by Jully Black and d’bi young anitafrika, music by DJ MelBoogie and a surprise greeting by Dr. Jean Augustine, the pioneer of Black History Month in Canada.

“There are women in this city who may not have titles, who may not work at a corporation, who may not lead up an organization that is widely recognized, but yet they are incredible influencers. They are making things happen in the city that I see, but I’m not sure everyone else sees. Here are some women who are doing things now and really, I think these are women who are going to be doing things next. History can be made by all of us in simple ways.” – Emily Mills

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Highlights of Television, Radio & Digital coverage

HERstory in Black: CBC highlights video

HERstory in Black: Emily Mills on Metro Morning with Matt Galloway

HERstory in Black: Meet 150 black women who have made a place in Canadian history via CBC

Massive photo project HERstory in Black shows a ‘different face of leadership’ via CBC

Dwight Drummond and Jully Black reminisce about growing up in Jane-Finch via CBC

HERstory in Black: Teaching the next generation via CBC

HERstory in Black: Camille Mitchell via CBC

HERstory in Black: d’bi young anitafrika via CBC

HERstory in Black: Jasmyn Fyffe via CBC

HERstory in Black: Eden Hagos via CBC 

HERstory in Black: Krissy Doyle-Thomas via CBC

HERstory in Black: Akua Delfish and Onika Powell via CBC

HERstory in Black: Nikkita Holder via CBC

HERstory in Black: Eugenia Duodu via CBC

HERstory in Black: Thomarya (Tee) Fergus via CBC

HERstory in Black: Emily Agard via CBC

HERstory in Black: DJ MelBoogie via CBC

HERstory in Black: Jalisa Luces-Mendes via CBC

HERstory in Black: CBC News Facebook Live

CBC/Radio-Canada corporate blog

She Does the City: HERstory in Black photo gallery

Claire She Goes
A taste of HERstory: Reflections on an unforgettable evening https://claireshegoes.com/2017/03/04/a-taste-of-herstory-reflections-on-an-unforgettable-evening/

Making HERstory: The Photographers

Nneka Elliott.com

Words by Michelle
Part 1 – https://wordswithmichelle.com/2017/02/23/herstory-a-document-of-150-phenomenal-black-women-part-1/
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